SAINT SPECIALS the best option for each INITIATION

13 products

    13 products
    Oggun Special No. 1
    Shango Special
    Especial de Eleggua
    Eleggua Special
    Sold Out
    Olokun Special No. 2
    Olokun Special No. 1
    Especial Orishaoko No. 1
    Orishaoko Special No. 1
    Spiritual Mass Special
    ESPECIAL DE santos guerreros
    Holy Warriors Special
    Sold Out
    Batea De  Pie Tallado  Para Shango 5 ft
    Batea And Pylon Combo For Shango
    Sold Out
    Batea Y PilonTallados Para Shango 4.5 ft Combo Color Cherry
    Carved Batea And Pylon Combo For Shango 4.5 Ft
    Especial de orula
    especial para mano de orula
    Orula Specials / Variety of styles
    Saint's Special
    Sold Out
    Batea And Pylon Combo For Shango 3 Ft

    Discover our saint specials

    We know how important an initiation is, and how intense it is to find every detail or item for the orisha initiation, so we have given ourselves the task of creating the saint specials.
    Special discounts on religious articles special for saints

    What are the Santo Especiales or Santo Orisha Specials?

    We call special de santo a package created by us in botanica nena, in which we include all the main items for each initiation. for instance:

    • Orula / Ifa Special

    • Elewa/esu special

    • Olokun's Special

    • Orishaoko Special

    • Special for Spiritual Mass

    • Ogun's Special

    • Holy Warriors Special

    And our biggest special the " SANTO SPECIAL"

    Offers and discounts on holy tools

    Saint specials are the Smartest way to buy religious items on sale, simply search for the name of the orisha you are going to receive and you will find a special dedicated to that orisha.
    Through the saint specials, you will get incredible discounts on orisha tools with savings that exceed $100 dollars in some cases.

    It does not matter if you have a discount coupon or if you have a gift card, when you buy in this section, you will save big.

    Enjoy exclusive discounts from BOTANICA NENA

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