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75 products

    75 products
    Paraiso (Hierba)
    Paradise (Cut)
    Vela Roja 7 Dias  (1 Unidad)
    Vela de 7 días Negra
    Red 7 day candle
    from $1.99
    7 Day Candles - Oshun
    from $2.29
    Vela Cara a Cara(Union)  (1 Unidad) Roja
    Candle Embraced Lovers Red
    from $5.49
    <p>Palo Para Mi</p>
    Stick For Mi 5" - 6" Approx.
    Sale price $1.75 Regular price $2.71 Save $0.96
    Peonia (DRIED) -  Wereyeye (Hierba)
    Peony (DRIED) - Wereyeye (Cut)
    Vela Pene Rojo (1 Unidad)
    Red Penis Candle
    from $2.96
    Vela 7 Dias - Santa Martha Dominadora (1 Unidad)
    Vela Esotérica de 7 Días - Santa Martha Dominadora
    Esoteric Candle of 7 Days - Santa Martha Dominadora
    from $2.29
    Vela Hombre Roja (1 Unidad)
    Sailing Man Red
    from $2.25
    Para Mi (Hierba)
    For Me (Cut)
    Vela Espalda Contra Espalda(Separacion)(1 Unidad) Negra
    Back to Back Sail / Black Separation
    from $4.99
    Vela Mujer Blanca (1 Unidad)
    White Woman Candle
    from $2.25
    Vela Mujer Roja (1 Unidad)
    Red Woman Candle
    from $2.25
    Aceite Amor Eterno 1 oz.
    Eternal Love Oil 1 oz
    Vela Mujer Negra (1 Unidad)
    Black Woman Candle
    from $2.25
    7 Day Candle - Come to me
    from $2.29
    Vela Pene Negra (1 Unidad)
    Black Penis Candle
    from $2.96
    Palo No me Olvides 2"
    Forget Me Not Stick 5" - 6" Approx.
    Sale price $1.75 Regular price $2.71 Save $0.96
    Amor y Paz
    Love and Peace Oil 1 oz.
    Vela Hombre Negra (1 Unidad)
    Sailing Man Black
    from $2.25
    Vela Hombre Blanca (1 Unidad)
    Sailing Man White
    from $2.25
    Iman  Hembra 3/4"
    Magnet Female and Male 3-4"
    Amor y Paz Aceite  1 oz.
    love 1 oz.
    Vela Matrimonio (1 Unidad) Blanco
    White Marriage Candle
    from $3.29
    Miel de Amor Roja Perfume for Women 2 oz
    Sale price $36.79 Regular price $41.79 Save $5
    Vela Vagina (1 Unidad) Negra
    Black Vagina Candle
    from $2.96
    Parchment Paper 8.5" X 11"
    <p>Orisha paints - pintura de santo - White</p>
    Saint Painting- White
    <p>Orisha paints - pintura de santo - Red</p>
    Saint Paint- Red 2oz.
    <p>Orisha paints - pintura de santo - Blue</p>
    Saint Paint- Blue 2oz.
    Sold Out
    Vela Vagina (1 Unidad) Roja
    Red Vagina Candle
    from $2.96
    Haitian Mooring - Oil
    Vela 7 Dias - Dominacion (1 Unidad)
    Esoteric Candle of 7 Days - You will do my Will
    from $2.89
    Vela 7 Dias - San Antonio de Padua (1 Unidad)
    Vela Esotérica de 7 Días - Dominación caja
    7 Day Esoteric Candle - Domination
    from $2.29
    Vela de Gato Rojo
    Red Cat Candle
    from $2.47
    Vela 7 nudos Negra (1 Unidad)
    Sailing 7 Knots Black
    from $3.29
    <p>Perfume Amor y Paz 1 oz.</p>
    Love and Peace - Perfume 1 oz.
    <p>Honey soap, jabón de miel</p>
    honey soap
    Rose Quartz (1 piece)


    In our store we have all the items you need to help you in your love, attraction and sex spells. Our products are aimed at supporting your path in love and making it more feasible and pleasant.

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    We have a selection of products for love spells and incantations, with the most competitive offers on the market.

    Love magic, which includes romance spells, sex spells, male potency spells, and female fertility spells, is one of the most popular spell categories in our stores.

    There are many love spells within Hoodoo, Voodoo and Santeria, since when implemented correctly by scholars of the matter, these products help attract love and affection from their targets.

    Spell to change your luck in love

    There are different ways to CHANGE YOUR LUCK IN LOVE,
    but the help of magical spells has been present throughout all times, supporting and accelerating the process of finding a partner. Whether you want to dominate, bind or attract, these ingredients will facilitate your spell.
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    Spells and love spells
    • candle spells
    • fruit spells
    • Spells with rings
    • paper spells
    • Spells with Cinnamon
    • spells with honey
    • Spells with onions
    • Spells with coffee and many more...

    And all the ingredients are easily accessible at home or in our store.

    There are no excuses to continue alone or just your way...

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