Opele Ifa - Ekuele de Ifa

12 products

    12 products
    Large Coconut Ekuele
    <p>ekuele made out of coconut shell pocket size</p>
    Coconut Ekuele for the Pocket
    Ekuele de Semillas de Opele
    Ekuele of Opele Seeds
    Ekuele Opele of cemillas de opele
    Ekuele de Bronce
    Steel Ekuele
    Ekuele de Coco
    Coconut Ekuele
    Ekuele Tarro de Buey
    Ekuele Ox Jar
    Ekuele de Bronce - Imitacion
    Bronze Ekuele - Imitation
    Ekuele de Konualdo
    Kuanaldo Ekuele Stainless Steel
    Large Coconut Ekuele
    metal ekuele
    Ekuele de Metal
    metal ekuele

    Discover our collection of Opele de ifa

    We have a varied selection of opele, both traditional opele and more western ifa ekueles , among the ifa ekueles that we have you can find:

    opele ifa

    types of opel

    • Opele from Opele seeds
    • metal opel
    • Bronze Opel
    • metal opel
    • pocket ekuele

    what is opel

    The Opele is the minor divination tool used by Babalawos for Ifa divination. It is used for most daily divination work.

    An Opele (spelled Opuele or Ocuele in Latin America) is a divination chain used in traditional African and Afro-American religions, especially in the Ifá and Yoruba tradition

    How to use the Opele

    A Babalawo (fortune teller) uses the Opele to communicate with the deity of wisdom and knowledge in the Yoruba tradition called Orunmila, through this a code with a message is revealed and this is revealed to the diviner.

    Sale of Opele Ifa

    In our Botanica Nena store you will find a complete selection of the best and most varied types of ifá opele, both for divination and for the decoration of ifa sanctuaries.
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