Esu Alaje and his link with the Economy

Who is ESU Alaje

Esu Alaje is the one we call to attract prosperity, he is the owner of wealth, although he will also protect us from all evil.

Who is eshu alaje

How Esu Alaje can help you

If you have a job or business and you need to attract clients, you will undoubtedly have to worship Esu Alaje to obtain them. There are different types of esu, but this one specifically has the task of attracting the economy.

Let us remember that Esu is the divine messenger, he is the one who brings our prayers and our sacrifices to heaven, Alaje performs this task, but it is more effective in the field of economy, which concludes that having it makes it easier for us to achieve prosperity.

Where to put it

We must have an altar or a place prepared to place it, this can be a basket holder, a corner or a piece of furniture, this area must be reserved for it since we must offer it constantly, which would be rewarded in economy and money, even many priests they choose to have it near their ifa altar.

how to worship him

The main ingredients for the worship of eshu alaje are fruits, drinks and animals among which we highlight:

  • Oti (gin or brandy)
  • AKUKO (Rooster "available only in our physical store")
  • Macho Cabrío (Goat "available only in our physical store")
  • EPO PUPA (Palm oil)

Oriki to Esu alaje

gbongan gbongan ajija
ajija gbongan gbongan
Èşù Alaje
Tin lo kore latorun was aye
Ebo Lawo Nikose
Osi gbebo nibe orubo
Nje Èşù alaje nkore
Bowa o, ire osai sunmibo

gbongan gbongan ajija
ajija gbongan gbongan
made divination for
Èşù Alaje
one who is bringing
more blessing from heaven to this earth,
he was asked to offer sacrifice
and he fulfilled
Èşù Alaje is bringing blessing,
blessing must come my way

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