special candles

7 products

    7 products
    Tea Light Candles(1 bx/10 units)
    Golden Candles (Unit)
    <p>Bees' wax, 2 oz</p>
    Virgin Beeswax 2oz.
    <p>Bees' Wax, cera de abejas. 1 lb.</p>
    Virgin Beeswax 1 lb.
    <p>Beaded Candle snuffer</p>
    Candle Extinguisher in Bronze
    Tea Light Candles(1 bx/10 units)
    Silver Sails (Unit)
    Tealights Candles Pack Of 50 Units
    Box of Candles 4" Household

    Discover our selection of special candles and handmade candles, virgin wax candles, wax by the pound, ram bait candles, glass candles, etc.

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