What is Ifa

In the Yoruba tradition, the word Ifá is used to recognize the name of the divination system and in turn the deity that represents him, this deity is also known as orunmila (orula).

Even though the words Ifá and orunmila are used to refer to the deity (saint) itself, Ifá as an expression is also used to refer to the Yoruba divination system.

Knowing this, now let us understand, the literal meaning of the word Ifá.

Literal  meaning of IFA

Even when there are literary meanings for the word Ifá, we clarify that the specific concept of Ifá is too broad to define it in a few simple lines.

Even for the renowned scholars of the Yoruba traditions, it has been very difficult for them to find the etymological trace of these ancient names, « Ifá Y Òrúnmìlà «.

Despite this, we can say that the most accurate translation of what Ifá is from a mystical point of view, says:

»Ifa is the message of Olódúmarè sent to humanity through the prophet Òrúnmìlà (deity of wisdom)»

And delegated to his descendants babalawos (Ifá priests) who through the use of a divination system decipher the hidden messages of Ifá.



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